It all started when I began to take nutrition in a classroom setting. It was my first day, and I had driven in from over 2 hours away (impractical, crazy, and bad for the environment come to mind, but alas, I did not want to pay the price for city living). I had packed some snacks for the drive (5 hour round trip + a few hours of class = hungry!!), including but not limited to an apple and a bottle of flavoured water.

I brought my flavoured water into class as I knew it would be a few hours, and took a seat in the back, not wanting to make a habit of disturbing people if I happened to arrive late during future classes. The introduction and textbook hand-outs began, and we all got to speak to one another for a short while. Someone took an interest in my flavoured water, as it had powdered fruit and was naturally sweetened. They began to pass it around to a few interested parties, looking at the label and ingredients, until they almost unanimously declared, “This looks pretty good”, followed by a furrowing of the brow, “But 3 grams of sugar?! I couldn’t possibly drink that.. my candida would go nuts!”

Can-did-a.. I thought to myself, perplexed. Was there honestly a food with 3 grams of sugar that could make someone THAT sick? How on Earth could they eat things like carrots, beets, and bell peppers, all of which are perfectly good for you? Was Candida even a thing? Could diet even affect it? The word was being thrown around like a beach ball but I had never thought it was that big a deal. There had to be some sort of compromise, I thought to myself. Flashbacks of a past eating disorder began to play in my head, during which I refused to eat foods that contained more than 2% fat. How I had been hospitalized for 6 weeks, with a BMI of just over 15, all because of some pretend notion I had put into my own head.

And that’s when the general notion behind my blog began.

Organic cake and canned icing.

Where you can eat healthy, but not have an eating disorder about it. The harmony of an organic snack bar, and regular glass of milk. Throwing some maca powder into a recipe, but using regular all-purpose flour.

And where nobody would judge you for it. At least not here.